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Professional-Grade satellite voice and data solutions for remote or underserved locations
  Satellite solutions for Construction, Energy, Retail, Office, Home Office, or any other purpose at any location.
Available everywhere
  Any location within the continental US that has a clear view of the southern sky is guaranteed to be within our service area.
Secure reliable performance
  With network uptime available as high as 99.99%, we have satellite broadband solutions to fit every need, IP Satellite Systems offers VPN solutions that are FIPS 140 and HIPPA compliant.
Secure private networks.
  When a shared service plan isn't enough, IP Satellite Systems offers dedicated private satellite networks. With a private network, you can be sure that all of your bandwidth is available whenever you need it. No more worrying about burst rates or contention ratios, this is a truly private a 1:1 subscription rate network solution. With a terrestrial backhaul circuit into our NOC, your private satellite network data never touches the public Internet.


Note - For Mobile, Transportable, or Flyaway Internet solutions please visit our sister company: Mobil Satellite Technologies -

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